Creative Consulting Services

​​Who are we...
CSG was started in 2000, to provide an innovative, convenient delivery method for leading-edge consulting and training on contracting practices and dispute avoidance for the design, construction and insurance industries. Since that time, we have grown our business to also offer creative consulting services for firms dealing with difficult and complex contracts and negotiations.  We approach our business with a unique perspective and goal – we view all of our clients as partners – not customers.


CSG creates customized approaches for all clients, be it neutral facilitation, engineering consulting services or Continuing Education curriculum



Contract Solutions Group works hand in hand with clients to assess their creative consulting services or training and Continuing Education needs.


We help assess your needs and implementation of strategic consulting services to handle complex negotiations or an experienced team to handle training.    



We have a highly experienced team and access to leaders in the design professional world to create the best experience for your company.

​​Rather than adding more work to your overburdened plate – let us help with the heavy lifting.

Let us work with you to expand your business and help your reach new goals for your company while allowing you the time to focus on what you do best.