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Consulting Services to Washington Public Entities

Construction industry research has identified use of qualified contractors as a significant factor in successful construction projects, including reduction in contractor claims. Contract Solutions Group provides experienced consultants who can guide public entities and their advisors in developing and implementing qualifications-based contractor evaluation and selection processes, while meeting public works competitive bidding requirements.

Many significant contractor claims and construction project cost overruns and delays involve under-qualified bidders, for which there were red flags on whether the contract should have been awarded to them. Conservative legal and contracts advice to maximize full and free competition by not disqualifying or rejecting any bidder who can provide a bond is often a root cause of contractor claims and poor project results. CSG provides guidance on achieving this critical balance between complying with competitive bidding requirements and achieving higher assurance of successful projects by avoiding awards to under-qualified contractors.

Consulting and Training. CSG can provide an expedited review of public entity contract documents and contracting practices to identify improvements on selecting and awarding contracts to more qualified bidders, within current competitive bidding requirements.


An assessment report will evaluate all contract documents and practices of the public entity or its design professional., and will include implementation steps and recommendations for improving the documents and practices, to achieve a more balanced approach to securing the benefits of more qualificed contractors while complying with applicable competitive bidding requirements.

Guide bid documents can be developed for integration into project bid documents and procedures to enable the owner to utilize construction industry recommendations for improving contractor selection and awards to reduce contractor claims and achieve more successful projects, within applicable competitive bidding requirements. These documents can be inserted into current owner or design consultant bid documents.

Bid protest provisions can be developed to minimize the cost, delay and risk of a bid protest. These documents can be inserted into current owner or design consultant bid documents.

Expanded qualifications requirements addressing responsibility criteria and responsiveness criteria can be developed to included additional credentials, skills or requirements shown through industry research to be critical success factors for construction projects. Objective methods and guide documents to evaluate and incorporate these contractor evaluation criteria into the bidding process , consistent with applicable competitive bidding requirements, will be provided.

Guidance on implementing these contracting approaches can be provided when internal advisors are reluctanct to try a different contracting approach. CSG has significant experience in bridging the gap between public entity legal and purchasing advisors reluctant to try a new approach and the needs of public project managers to achieve better project results with fewer contractor claims.

Training workshops on implementing practices to increase contractor qualifications being awarded public works contracts are provided regularly, both through public workshops and customized programs for individual public entities.



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