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The Strategic Project Record
Presenters: Terri Lindow, Buckley & Leaders
Marcy Zeichner, XL Insurance

Description: Client intelligence, lessons-learned, improvements to pricing and scope documents and other strategic business information is laying dormant in project records. We describe the benefits of strategic project record keeping and organization that makes use of existing competitive intelligence. Topics will include organizing project records for greater productivity; organizing electronic records; developing marketing information during the project; standardizing the collection of improvements to standard contract, work product and project management documents; collecting strategic business information on clients for negotiating and managing future client projects; what documents to create and retain, and which documents should have a limited retention life; and insurance and claim defense perspectives on recommended project document retention guidelines.

Learning objectives:
1. Design and implement more effective project record systems to collect and organize strategic business information.

2. Organize project records to address future needs more cost-effectively, including collection and preparation of information needed to respond efficiently to claims and disputes.

3. Expand your quality improvement program to retrieve and organize clarifications, questions and problems with standard contract, project management and work product documents to achieve improved business practices.

4. Expand your marketing efforts to the project team, at no measurable increase in project or overhead costs, for increased marketing success on future proposals.

Terri Lindow has more than 10 years experience as a paralegal in large complex litigation involving the organization and evaluation of voluminous project records. She also has performed reviews of design and construction projects during litigation and arbitration, as well as claim prevention audits of complex design projects.

Marcy Zeichner has been working with XL Insurance for more than 10 years and is responsible for learning and development for architects, engineers, contractors and consultants with significant professional liability. In this role, Marcy develops training courses and materials as well as provides seminars and consultation to various industry groups.

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