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Contract Solutions Group ("CSG") agrees to provide its customers with a limited license for access and right to use live web conference programs; live audio conference programs; recordings or reproductions of programs in any form (including CD, audiotape, printed material or digital form on a computer system or the Internet) and any reproductions of visual or graphical materials or images (including CD, printed materials or digital form on a computer system or the Internet), collectively, "Program Materials", under the Terms of Use set forth herein.

No Redistribution
These Program Materials may be viewed and copied for educational purposes only and are not to be redistributed, reproduced, sold or licensed to any third party.

All Program Materials are subject to copyright interests of CSG and the individual authors.

Limited Multiple Uses
Program Materials purchased as archives, recordings, reproductions, digital recordings or other record of a live program may not be reproduced or duplicated, but may be used by multiple users at a single geographical or office location. Tests and printed materials may be duplicated for use at a single geographical or office location. Reproduction of CD is prohibited.

Single Geographical or Office Location
These Program Materials may be viewed or used only at a single geographical or office location, unless a Multi-Location License is obtained from CSG. Reproduction or duplication of these Program Materials is prohibited, except in accordance with the terms of a Multi-Location License.

CSG will provide and grade tests for each Program-To-Go package. Each customer shall be responsible to determine if applicable licensing requirements require a test.

Subject Matter
Each CSG customer is responsible to determine if the subject matter and delivery method of any Program Materials satisfy applicable regulatory or similar requirements.

Legal Expense
CSG shall be entitled to recover statutory damages for copyright violations, attorney fees and other expenses incurred as a prevailing party in exercising any of its rights or remedies hereunder or under applicable law.

Participation in a live program or delivery by CSG of any Program Materials shall constitute customer's acceptance of these Terms of Use.



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